My Resources

My Resources
Students in band and chorus will be receiving information concerning schedules, band rental nights.  They will also receive a packet of information with a permission slip for the band and chorus groups. Students need to make sure if they turn in contract permission slips they as soon as possible. Students must have the permission slip to join the band and chorus groups at all schools.

Students need to make sure they have all materials with them at every practice.  They need to attend all practices.  Students should be practicing daily.  Advanced band 30 minutes and Beginners 5-10 minutes.

Schedule: Monday at 3:30-4:15
               Friday at 3:30-4:15

Music Stores:                       
Katz's  Artist Tree                
13770 W. VanBuren St.        
(623) 792-7000                                       

Beyond Mail ( Milano's) hub.  No supplies  Instrument exchange for repairs (milano instruments only).
Litchfield and Van Buren

Music and Arts Music Store