Head Lice Policy

Head Lice Policy
Head Lice (Pediculosis)

No 'Lice' Policy

Our school district employs a "no lice" policy. If your child is found to have lice they will be sent home. Once the child has been treated, they must be seen in the health office to be checked again before returning to the classroom.

Carefully follow the directions on the lice treatment package. Not following directions, is the biggest reason why it doesn’t work.

Comb out the nits left after treatments. Do this by sliding a nit up the hair shaft with your fingers or using a nit comb. Special nit combs are available in the store where you bought the lice treatment.

Most of the time a second treatment is necessary. If you don’t kill the nits, they will hatch and your child will have lice again – this time without any contact with another infested child! All products specifically created to treat head lice will recommended a second treatment and a second nit combing, anywhere from 7 to 10 days after the first treatment to kill any left over lice and nits.

To protect the health of your child and others, please watch for the following symptoms;

* Itching and scratching of the hair and scalp
* White or grayish color eggs or nits cemented to the hair shaft
* Live bugs crawling on the hair and scalp

Please notify the school if your child is found to have lice.

Head lice can be spread to others. Lice
DO NOT JUMP. It is spread by direct head to head contact or through shared items such as combs, brushes, headphones, towels, hats, clothing, beds and bed linens. Upholstered furniture, car upholstery, carpet, and stuffed animals, can also harbor lice.

6-14 days may pass from the time your child was exposed until the symptoms appeared. Items such as stuffed animals and pillows should be tied inside a plastic bag and placed outside for at least 3 days. All bedding and furnishings must be cleaned. All carpets must be vacuumed thoroughly.