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 NURSE HOURS: 7:00 am to 3:15 pm

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The Health Office at Wildflower cannot be used as a primary care clinic like a doctor's office. The law and Nursing Scope of Practice does not allow the school nurse and/or any aides to make a diagnosis, prescribe treatment, or administer prescription medication without a doctor's order. In addition, written parent permission must be obtained before administering over the counter medication and in some instances a doctor’s order will also be required.




Medication Requirements:

All types of medication (prescription and over the counter-OTC) must be brought to the school by a parent/guardian.  The Health Office Staff cannot accept medication brought in by a student, without written consent by the parent or guardian.  Any medication received from a student without written consent and/or not in the original container, will not be given to the student. This medication will be disposed of properly and not returned.

Prescription medication must be in the original container as prepared by a pharmacist and labeled, including the patient name, name of medication, dosage, and time to be given.  You can request a “School Bottle” at the time your prescription is filled, so you can make sure the school has the necessary information on file.

A physician’s order and in some instances a plan of care must be provided to the school before any prescription medication will be given at school.

If you will be providing the school with medication for breathing treatments, you also must provide the tubing and mask in order to give the treatment.  The Health Office does not have extra tubing and masks on hand, since there is no proper way to sterilize these supplies for use by different students.

All OTC medications must be in the original packaging, with all directions, dosages, compound contents, and proportions clearly marked.   In addition the student’s name must be clearly written on the package.

The Health Office Staff will not be able to accept any medication, whether prescription or OTC that comes to them in a “baggie”.  The Health Office Staff must know what is being given and why it is being given, in order to ensure that the medication is being properly administered.

We appreciate your support in helping to make sure the Nurse has the information needed to care for your child.


The Health Offices only stocks very limited supplies of over the counter products.  These include: acetaminophen, ibuprofen, Benadryl Elixir, Tums/Antacid and cough drops. 

Due to concerns of ensuring the safety of our students, acetaminophen and ibuprofen WILL NOT be given the last 2 hours of school.  This practice is necessary to ensure your child’s safety in maintained.

In addition, unless there is physician documentation that a student suffers from migraines no pain reliever will be automatically given when a student comes to the Health Office.  The Health Office staff will try water, cool compress and resting in a quiet location.  Often times, this is all the student needs to be able to return to class.

      Medication Administration Consent Form (pdf file - 38 KB)
    Medication Administration Consent Form


      Immunization Exemption Form (pdf file - 247 KB)
    Immunization Exemption Form - Personal Beliefs


      Immunization Exemption Form - Espanol (pdf file - 247 KB)
    Immunization Exemption Form - Personal Beliefs - Espanol


      Pre-K Immunization Exemption Form (pdf file - 199 KB)
    Preschool Immunization Exemption Form


      Pre-K Immunization Exemption Form - Espanol (pdf file - 186 KB)
    Preschool Immunization Exemption Form - Espanol


      Flu Guide for Parents (pdf file - 251 KB)
    The Flu: A guide for Parents


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