Class rules and procedures
Positive Behavior System
This year we have introduced a new Wildcat Pride system. The students have the ability to earn PAWS through classroom or individual behavior. After classes as a whole earn PAWS they have rewards that can be earned. The system is up in our classrooms. The students should be able to explain how it works and what kinds of rewards they can earn.

Students will receive homework daily as part of their ability to practice what they have learned at school. Homework is a reading log and summary. Students may also have work that was not finished in class as homework.

Class Rules and Procedures:
Be on time to class everyday.
Do your best.
Ask for help.
Stay organized.
Listen the first time directions.

1. Sharpen pencils as soon as class starts.
2. Turn in papers in the paper tray.
3. Everyone has a team job and team name.
4. If no homework is turned in a lunch detention.