Math Information/Parent Resources


We are currently in Module #   2       (Updated 10/8/16)

This information will help you locate parent resources using the links below.

Contact me at any time for more specific information on the module and lesson number that we are currently working on, as well as my upcoming plans and schedule. 

Study Island:  Your child has access to a great online system that Wildflower has subscribed to called Study Island. Teachers can make assignments using this system, and students can connect and practice many skills. Lessons and activities are organized by state standards. Your child has a name and password and can access this system any time, even at home! 
Click Here to access Study Island!



The link below will provide you with information about each of the 6 modules in the 5th grade math program. The information is written specifically for parents to help you better understand what we are teaching. Click here to view the module information.

When searching online for parent resources, please remember that we are teaching "Eureka Math" and that you can also find resources searching for "engageny". This is the New York State implementation of Eureka Math that Avondale adopted.

I also have a link to a web site with some resources to support the math curriculum. Just navigate to the grade level you are interested in and there are a number of links to various documents. Be sure to select the correct module to match what we are currently working on. 
What may be particularly helpful for you is the parent handbook. This document may be able to provide you with more information about how to support your child in math.
 Click here to visit the resource site.

The link below is a brief video that might help you to understand why math is being taught as it is today.  Click here and check out the video.

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