Homework Info
This page provides basic information regarding homework expectations.

Math homework may be assigned on a weekly or daily basis. Students may have a packet that covers multiple days of classroom instruction. Students will be told when these packets are due, but when used, they generally cover an entire week (Mon-Fri) and are due the next week on Monday.

Math homework may look different than what you are used to seeing. There may be some problems to complete, but they will be minimal and well-chosen by me to address a specific need for skill practice. There will also be "self-reflection" that the students must complete. This allows the students to think back on the lesson and share with me what they learned, didn't understand, or connections they made to other math and life-skill topics, etc. These reflections will also help students to be able to appreciate the application of the math skills to real-life.

Homework may also be assigned that requires the use of technology. For instance, the student may have to use a cell phone, tablet, or computer to submit a video response to me. This will be explained to the students as the need arises. Any student unable to utilize technology for a homework response will be always be provided an alternative assignment.

It is critical that students complete the homework that is assigned. It will not be overwhelming, but it will all have a purpose. 

Homework is graded for effort - not right answers! There is no reason to not complete it! If your child doesn't get it (yet) they should do their best to complete the questions. Their responses will tell me a great deal about what additional help they need. Minimal points are awarded for completing homework, so it is not a major factor in the student's grade.
All homework is due on the dates indicated. I will only accept late homework on the next school day. After that, I will not accept the work without prior arrangement with the parents/guardians. Students who are absent will always have extra time to complete assignments. 

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