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     Growth  -  Resilience  -  Integrity  -  Tenacity      


My name is Mr. Brokschmidt and I teach 5th grade math and science. I was selected as Wildflower's Teacher of the Year in 2015, and am deeply honored by that recognition.

Perched on my shoulder and giving me a kiss in the picture above is one of my two parrots. This one is my African Gray, Stevie. Grays are very smart, and actually can be compared to about a 2 or 3 year old child. By this, I mean that he requires lots of attention, and if he doesn't get it, he will throw temper tantrums. Grays commonly become attached to one person, and in my house, that's me. He talks, whistles, imitates other birds (I taught him a dove call), and makes hundreds of sounds including crickets, ringing phones, answering machines, people answering the phone, electronic sounds, sirens, referee whistles, and the list goes on. He can bark like a dog and meow like a cat. He calls my dog and cat by name, and likes to ask the dog if she wants to go outside to go potty. He can call to my wife (of 28 years) in my voice, and he can call to me in her voice. Life is never dull in my house. My other parrot is a Lilac Crowned Amazon named Moe; a pretty green bird with some blue, purple, and red. He is not much of a talker, but makes a lot of noise.

Outside of school, I like to spend my time outdoors. I like to go exploring off-road (4x4) and visit Arizona's ancient and historic past - much of which is surprisingly close to "civilization." I have visited many old Arizona townsites, cemeteries, and little-known and difficult-to-access native cliff dwellings. In all cases, care is always taken to ensure that nothing is damaged, removed, or harmed in any way. I also ride a motorcycle and enjoy taking long rides around Arizona and the western United States. I have toured on my motorcycle through every state from New Mexico northward to the Canadian Border, and west to the Pacific Ocean. On "marathon" days I have been on the motorcycle for up to 1,000 miles! 

I came to teaching after many years working in a technology career. I wrote computer programs, installed and managed servers, built and operated networks, managed projects, provided information system security, and ultimately worked for about 14 years as a chief technology officer in my organization. Technology is fun and fast paced, but I found that I had done all I wanted to do and I wanted to pursue a dream that I always had, and that was to teach!  

Fifth grade is one of my favorite age groups, and working with these young ladies and gentlemen is my dream come true. I love working with them everyday, and although it's sometimes a challenge to get some of them motivated, I'm not going to give up...and I won't ever let my students give up either.

Everyone in my classroom is capable of success. No exceptions.

Welcome to Wildflower, and welcome to my class.
This is an awesome place, and we are ready to do awesome things!

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