Miss Farkas

Miss Farkas
2nd - 5th Grade 
 Welcome to My Site! I'm Jeri Ann Farkas and I am proud to be a teacher at Wildflower School!  My educational philosophy is "It takes a team- Collaboration is key!" I enjoy working closely with parents/guardians, regular education teachers, the school psychologist, speech therapist, and paraprofessionals to  meet the needs of our students. I encourage parents to contact me to discuss their student's progress and receive information about how they can help with the educational process. Feel free to email me at  jfarkas@avondale.k12.az.us.  The classroom phone number is 623-772-5247.

*Hablo espanol tambien pero no perfectamente.
Warmest Regards,
Jeri Ann Farkas

Academic Focus

For English Language Arts, we are work understanding and utilizing Core Vocabulary. (http://www.minspeak.com/CoreVocabulary.html#.Ww2pX1MvxDU) 
We work on comprehension of texts by asking and answering questions (who, what, when, where, why), sequencing events, and identifying story elements. We also work on choosing words to write simple sentences related to our theme.  
In Math- we are work on basic number sense- multiple ways to represent numbers, math operations including addition & subtraction, and measurement including money concepts.

To promote ongoing progress throughout the school year, remember to read with your child everyday.  Also, do some simple language practice when possible, like describing items.  You can work on basic concepts such as big and small, more and less, etc. Keep on learning!

Here are some helpful websites:

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