Importance of Breakfast and Water

Importance of Breakfast and Water

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.  Often students come into the health office mid-morning with complaints of a stomachache or headache because they have no eaten anything since the previous evening.  Breakfast is served in the cafeteria. 

Food does feed the brain and it is difficult for students to concentrate if they are hungry.  A simple breakfast of a piece of toast, English muffin or bagels plus a piece of fruit is an easy way to start the day when you are in a hurry. 

In addition, students often come into the health center with complaints of headache because they have not had enough water to drink and they may be dehydrated.  It is very important to maintain hydration due to the hot weather environment we live in. 

We ask that students bring a bottle of water to school every day.  We ask you to encourage your student to freely drink the water and refill the water bottle throughout the day.  Student with headaches cannot concentrate as well and this will affect their overall performance at school.