Classroom Rules
Our school uses the Character Counts program to help children take responsibility for their behaviors. We are also using the Rainbow Clip System in our room.

Character Counts Triats:
  • Trustworthy (Be honest; don’t cheat or steal)
  • Respectful (Treat others with respect; be considerate of the feelings of others.)
  • Responsible (Do what you are supposed to do)
  • Fair (Take turns and share)
  • Caring (Be compassionate and show you care; forgive others)
  • Show good citizenship (Cooperate; obey the rules)

Clip System:
Each student has a clothes pin on our chart in the 'Ready to Learn' position.  As students make positive choices in their education they will clip up.  If your students choose to make negative choices, they will clip down.  This is an on going all day chart, so if a student has a poor morning, it doesn't mean he/she can't have a better afternoon and clip up.  At the end of the day, students will write on their Character Card what color they end on for the day.  The next day each students will be back on 'Ready to Learn'.  Below are the colors for our chart.
  • Top of the Chart (Pink)
  • Great Job (blue)
  • Ready to Learn (green)
  • Slow Down (yellow)
  • Think About It (orange)
  • Parent Contact (red)

Classroom Rules

  1. Follow directions quickly and exactly
  2. Raise your hand for permission to speak.
  3. Respect the people and things around you.
  4. Always be prepared.
  5. Always do your best work.
  6. Refer to Our Voice Levels

  1. Student will receive a verbal warning.
  2. Student will write an infraction in the agenda.
  3. Student will write an infraction and teacher's choice of consequence (i.e., loss of recess, phone call home, moved to partner teacher's class).
  4. The student will call his/her parent to explain his/her behavior and lose their morning recess.
  5. The student will be sent to the office.
Severe Discipline Problems
Student will be sent to the office immediately.