Supply List

Wildflower Elementary School - 5t h Grade Supply List 

General (will be used in all classes)

☐ (1) Small pencil pouch or box
☐ (3) Highlighters
☐ (1) Small self-contained pencil sharpener (captures its own shavings) 
☐ (1) Package of Pencils ( no mechanical pencils )
☐ (1) Pair of scissors**
☐ (1) Small package of colored pencils
☐ (1) Small box of crayons
☐ (1) Glue stick or small bottle of liquid glue**

**scissors and glue will be used in class daily!

Language Arts/Social Studies:

☐ (5) Composition books – (reading, writing, spelling, grammar, and social studies)
☐ (2) Pocket folders
☐ (1) Package of markers (washable) NO SHARPIES allowed at school


☐ (1) 1-inch 3-ring binder
☐ (2) Pocket folders that are 3-hole punched, to be placed inside the binder
☐ (2) Composition books – (math and science journals)
☐ (1) Set of dry erase markers ( + replacements throughout the year  Important 
 Optional: (1) Small personal dry-erase board and eraser
 Optional: (1) Ruler–inches/metric–with holes for notebook storage 
 Optional: (1) Protractor and set square (will be used 2nd half of the year)

Bring the following items to class unopened. Deliver them to your HOMEROOM teacher. Do not place your child’s name on these items. They will be stored in the classroom for shared student use throughout the year:

☐ (1 or more) Box of facial tissue (Kleenex)
☐ (1 or more) Package of plain white printer/copier paper
☐ (1 or more) Bottle hand sanitizer (regular-size pump bottle) 

Donations of these items throughout the year are greatly appreciated.
Mr. Brokschmidt has an ongoing need for dry erase markers in math!

Students will carry all of their belongings from class to class in their backpack – nothing is stored in desks. It is the responsibility of each student to replace supplies as needed. Therefore, we suggest that extra supplies be kept at home.