Classroom News

Classroom News
We are off to another exciting start. Below is what is happening in the band/chorus. Please look at the calendar for up coming dates/times and location of events/concerts and other activities for all the music groups.
Any other performances and special events will be forth coming with dates and times.
This has been a great school year thus far.  The students at all the schools as well as in all the performing groups have performed well.  I am looking forward to upcoming performances at each school.

Advanced Band: This band has students ranging from 6-8th grade.  These students have played their instruments for at least 1 -2 years.  In this group, the focus is on rhythm studies and scale studies as well as playing and learning music of different genres.  Students are working on balance and even tone sounds as a whole group, playing correct rhythms, notes and music nomenclature/symbols written within a piece of music.  Scale studies include concert B,E and A flat and F one octave. This quarter students will begin to add the 2nd octave to the chromatic scale. (This scale involves playing every note using every key on the instrument.  They also prepare and perform concerts at different venues throughout the year. The students  will be preparing music from marching band auditions that will happen at the end of the school year. Look for information coming home.

I also want to announce once again that this is the second year that the advanced students are off to another great start at the high school (Desert Edge). These students are from four of our nine schools in the district. They have the opportunity to travel each week on Wed. mornings over to the school and work with band students as well as the high school director.  This gives our students a chance to see what it is like to play with high school students.  It also gives them the opportunity to see what it is like to be a part of a larger ensemble to perform.  It shows the students what high school band is like and what they have to look forward too when they enter high school band.

Beginning Band: This band is working very hard.  This group at all the schools consist of students ranging from 5th-8th grade.  In this groups, students learn about the history of the instrument they chose, playing positions of the instruments, and maintenance and care of the instrument.  They learn how to play and make sounds in and through their instruments.  These concepts are applied to music examples in a method book.  In this book,they learn note, and rhythm reading.  They learn nomenclature and symbols that are presented in the music.  They apply all of these items to the instrument.  As a group, they learn how to play and work together.  They also learn how to master the instrument.  This quarter these students are continuing to work in their method books adding more notes and rhythms and nomenclature to the playing of their instruments. They will begin to look and play small pieces of sheet music along with their method book music. The students also prepare and perform concerts at different venues throughout the school year.

Chorus: This group is open to 4-8th gr. students we have 2 separate groups for gr.6-8th and 4-5th gr.  Students in this group learn how to sing and use voice properly. The students work on voice strengthening excercises to help with voice production of sound and words. They work on many styles of music apply nomenclature, note and rhythm reading to music.  The students also prepare for and perform concerts at different venues throughout the school year.